Hard to Find, Out of Print and MFSL CDs

Hard to Find, Out of Print and MFSL CDs at Great Prices

Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs - MFSL CDs

No other recording can match the great sound and deepness of a MFSL recording.  Printed on gold, the MFSL CD is superior in quality for that sound that you can really hear.  If you listen to a gold MFSL CD you will immediately notice the difference. 
Unfortunately, Mobile Fidelity went out of business and now we are left with only what they released prior to their closure.  For this reason MFSL recordings can be hard to come by and represent a good collectible as they aren't making them anymore.
Whether you are a new listener to the MFSL front or a seasoned veteran you will find a great selection of CDs in the links below.  If you are looking for a specific artist please check our artist pages for a subset of their MFSL recordings: