Hard to Find, Out of Print and MFSL CDs

Hard to Find, Out of Print and MFSL CDs at Great Prices

Rare Music CDs

Nothing is more frustrating than hearing a great song and then not being able to find it anywhere. Perhaps it was a special live recording, benefit concert or simply a studio outtake that really caught your ear. These rare and hard to find music cds can make your collection complete.
So often today when you hear great music the recordings have been altered from their original form. The nuances that the artists used to create and record that original music is what made all of us fall in love with the music to begin with. These out of print music cds can no longer be purchased in music stores and going through a music broker can be very expensive.
Perhaps no other type of recording is as unique as the bootleg music cds. We appreciate the awesome sound of a live performance that is not produced by a recording studio. The artist can make changes on the fly that make a great song turn into an amazing experience. Shop and buy all of your rare music cds and lps here at Twin Cities Value CDs. We specialize in brining value to your shopping experiece.
We have taken the time to break out great recording artists into their own sections of our website so that you don't have to search any more.  Here you will find top 10 lists for each artist as well as their highest quality albums, those produced by MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs) and SACD (Super Audio CD).